The factory and herb garden and lemon orchard is on the farm where we live. The best part about our business, is that it allows Johannita to be a mother and involve the kids in daily and be there when they need her, and to allow ouma to be ouma and have fun with the kids in between work.

Funky Ouma was started by a dynamic mom and daughter duo. Anneke van Rooyen and Johannita Eksteen, on their farm outside Paarl.The idea was born many years ago when Anneke’s husband was ill with cancer, and they removed all preservatives and colourants from his diet. They played around with salt and natural flavours and saw a gap in the market for healthy cooking and braai-salt mixtures. Four years ago Funky Ouma was born and named after Anneke, who despite being mother of four and grandmother of 10, remains funky, with-it and totally involved with her family and business.


We have the most amazing Funky Ouma team. 12 Local ladies and 2 gents, of which 7 in the factory and 5 in the office and sales. They are all hands on, and complement each other. They can harvest herbs, run production, label, admin, do deliveries, take one of the kids from me when I need to be creative and mix salt mixtures… We all look after each other. They Love OUMA, she is the centre of the business, and value her insight and wisdom. So together we are strong team of 15 members and loving it! We are truly a Funky Ouma family.

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